October 16, 2018

Tigase Client Library v3.2.0 Released!


Tigase JaXMPP v3.2.0 has been released! Please review the change notes below to see what has changed since our last release.

New Features


  • #4317: fixed NPE if receiver of file transfer is not connected or disconnected in SOCKS5.
  • #4318: added checking if destination file is set when file transfer is accepted.
  • #4378: fixed exceptions occuring when a server-initiated disconnection could lead to an invalid connector state, fix issue with invalid connector state when connecting using Websocket Protocol over TCP.
  • #8104: fixing issue with parsing timestamp
  • #8033: added thread safety to ExtensionsChain implementation
  • #2654: improve DNS resolution for local addresses
  • #7793: fixing possible NPE in UnifiedRegistrationForm when value for a fiels is null
  • #7649: improving GWT code for sites hosted on HTTPS enabled servers
  • #7525: added method for retrieving error text from error stanzas
  • #6330: fixes for AdHocCommansAsyncCallback not calling onResponseReceived() if there is no data form in the response and for ElementWrapper which failed to set GwtElement value
  • #6330: added event for notification about PubSub node configuration change
  • #6212, #6232: fixing issue introduced by recent changes in sending authcid and authzid during authentication
  • #6212: improvements to SASL implementations
  • #5749: fix issue with login to jabber.org, says incorrect password, even though password is correct
  • #1590: add support for subscription pre-approval in RosterModule and RosterItem
  • #5669: removed firing ErrorEvent by connectors if exception is thrown in start() method within the same thread
  • #5624: fixed possible lock if Jaxmpp::login() method throws an exception and login(true) was called
  • #5582: fixing race condition during Jaxmpp login leading to a thread being permanently locked
  • #5584: MAM module not being called for incoming messages
  • #5588: fixed issue with messages without from causing NPE in MessegeModule
  • #5527: added support for connection using plain SSL instead of STARTTLS
  • #5529: fixed handling of see-other-host in ConnectionManager for GWT
  • #5318: added implementation for GwtElement::removeChild() method
  • #5421: fixed issue with handling PONG WebSocket frames with payload
  • #4961: fix JaXMPP problems on Android
  • #4733: fixed issue with comparision of elements with XMLNS
  • #4732: minor fix in MessageArchiveManagementModule
  • #4460: fixed issue with retrieving PubSub node configuration
  • #4728: fix minor issue with element equals() method
  • #4348: fixed issues with Jaxmpp state and reconnecting
  • #4348: changed DEFAULTSOCKETTIMEOUT to 0 as value bigger than zero causes issues for long connections without any activity
  • #4460: improved usage of events with callbacks called after all handlers processed event
  • #4266: fixing issue with reconnection after disconnection by client
  • #4505: fix handling of badly encoded channel binding data
  • #4398: remove used JDK8 specific features which are not supported by GWT
  • #4291: ContactChangedPresenceEvent has show “online” for unavailable presence
  • #4266: fixed issue with blocking disconnection
  • #4124: fixed issue with support for see-other-host with WebSocket in GWT version

Please visit our downloads page to obtain the new version!

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