Public XMPP Server Migration

Today we are beginning migration of our public XMPP servers.

Public XMPP Service

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Control own domain on XMPP service

This is just a short note about a new functionality of the Tigase server I have made available on the Jabber.Me/Tigase.IM installation. I guess very few people look at the website and track recent changes so here it goes. The service allows you to register an XMPP account on one of above websites or request adding own domain to the service. Until now, only service administrators could add/update or remove domains as well as manage user accounts within the domain. I have just updated Tigase server with a new version which gives access to these functions to everybody from his XMPP client. You can register a new domain on your own, you can control and manage the domain and you can also manage users within your domain. For more details, please refer to the Tigase.IM website.

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