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Here is a short guide for using our Tigase.IM XMPP webpage. You can sign up, add your own domain, manage your users, and much more!

Public XMPP Service

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Web Client

Our web client, is probably the most complete web client available on the internet. And we are not talking about just free and open source projects. We have not seen an XMPP web client with support for an entire XMPP specs and as many extensions. It supports not only all latest XMPP specifications RFC 6120 - XMPP CORE and RFC 6121 - XMPP IM and a bunch of other extensions.

Client Side Software

Even though our main focus is on the server side, the other side, user facing side is what really matters. The Tigase XMPP Server, all the components are just to provide services to users through various client side applications. As XMPP is an open standard anybody can develop own client, desktop client, web client or mobile client or even device-embedded client.

We want to support client side developers, hence our effort to provide libraries and example client implementations for all major platforms. And the source code is open, free and available.
We have many clients developed to use the XMPP protocol.

All three of our currently developed client applications may be customized for specific needs or company use. Explore these options by visiting project pages.

Optimisation of BOSH for high throughput

Tigase XMPP Server by default was sending only one XMPP packet per HTTP request which caused a need for a lot of requests if there was a lot of packets to be sent to client. This caused additional network traffic as well as delay in sending packets to client. From now on Tigase XMPP Server will detect when a lot of XMPP packets needs to be sent through single BOSH connection and it will send it batches.

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