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EventBus in Tigase server

Everything is a PubSub now in Tigase. This is something new and super cool. We are still polishing details and work on practical applications. But even now it is ready to start experimenting with by software developers extending Tigase XMPP Server. The EvenBus framework allows you to publish events from any part of the code and these publications are automatically delivered to subscribers. A subscriber can be again, any part of software and can receive notifications via API but a subscriber can be also any XMPP entity to receive notifications via regular PubSub protocol. and

Here is a short guide for using our Tigase.IM XMPP webpage. You can sign up, add your own domain, manage your users, and much more!

MUC improvements

Huge improvement in MUC to handle very large group chat rooms. Tigase now can distribute a load of group chats with thousands of participants on multiple machines. Successful tests were run for 25k occupants in a single room.

Large roster optimizations

Large rosters are the main load factor on the typical XMPP system as they cause a huge traffic presence. We have made excellent progress in optimizing the way Tigase handles large rosters and reduces unnecessary traffic on big installations through working in a cluster mode.

If you have installation which experiences high traffic due to large rosters, check it out and let us know if you find it useful.

Chat State Notifications in JaXMPP and Android client

We are happy to announce we have just added Chat State Notification extension XEP-0085 to our JaXMPP library and Android client

Both JaXMPP and Android client are free and open source. Last binaries are available in the files download areas in each project. Feel free to to grab it and try it out. Let us know if you find it useful or have any problems.

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