Server side software

Tigase Push Component

Tigase Push Component is a commercial license component that enables the use of push notifications between Push services and Tigase XMPP server.  Have a message that needs to get through even if a user is offline?  Push notifications are the answer.  

Workgroup Queues

Tigase Workgroup Queues Component is a commercial license component that enables the Workgroup Queues XEP-0142 on Tigase XMPP Server systems.  Does your real-time communication server need to provide an ordered first-come, first-served queing system?  Do you want to implement a quick customer support system without a lot of work?  Then this component can help you!

Tigase AuditLog

Tigase AuditLog Component is a commercial licensed component that provides pattern event logging in an XMPP system.  Need to know how your system is operating?  Want to configure custom logging events?  This component can store your events in a specific file when any event is triggered for storage.

Tigase Unified Archive

Tigase Unified Archive is a commercial grade message archiving extension for Tigase XMPP Server. It takes the already surperb message archive component and adds a number of features not found in the bundled version.

XEP-0084 Support Added

User Avatar Support Added


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