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With computers nearly everywhere, it can be fairly easy to get access to E-mail, the internet, and other online information at any time. But if you've gone over your mobile data limit, or are in a place without your equipment, you may need the use of a public access compute. Whether at a library or an internet cafe, there is a fair chance that you won't be able to install your favorite xmpp client on there. Even worse, there may not even be an XMPP client available! So how to you stay in touch, check up on multi-room chats, and send messages in the meantime? Luckily Tigase server has a built-in web client that can be accessed with nearly any computer! By default, Tigase runs the http component that will run the web client. You can access this client by going to http://yourserver.com:8080/ui/ and logging in with your JID and password. Your roster and access permissions will be right at home, and even some limited service discovery features available as well! Give our client alternative a spin using Tigase server today.

Available since Tigase Server v7.0.1

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