XEP-0334 Support in AMP

Tigase's Advanced Message Processing plugin now supports XEP-0334 Message Storage Hints. Now offline messages can contain hints as to what to do with offline messages.

Although this XEP is not yet codified as standards track, we at Tigase believe implementation of experimental XEPs can prepare users of our software for future enhancements and developments to the protocol. In this case message hints are small non-body elements that can provide instructions to servers of how, or not too, store messages. Some examples include messages that are secret in nature, and you don't want stored in any archiving but you want it to get to the recipient and saved in offline storage. You can add the following tag:

<no-permanent-store xmlns="urn:xmpp:hints"/>

Other message hints include no-store, no-copy, or store.
<no-store/> suggest that the message will not be stored in any form on the server, a more strict version of no-permanent-store.
<no-copy/> means that messages will not be sent to JIDs other than the one the message was sent too. This also prevents message carbons from being made from the attached message.
Lastly <store/> requires that the server should store the message in whatever form it can support.

This feature is available in builds 7.0.2 and later, but requires the AMP plugin to be enabled.

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