XEP-0142 Workgroup Queues

Workgroups were developed as an extension to enable an XMPP server to behave like queue line for users awaiting assistance. The idea is that users are placed on a first-come first-served waiting queue to enter a chat room where they may communicate. Although an experimental extension, it is just one of the many ways in which XMPP can be shaped into a custom solution.
Starting with version 7.2.0, Tigase XMPP Server will support workgroup queues according to XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues. In conjunction with Tigase MUC component, the server can easily setup a workgroup queue with a few changes in the configuration file.

wg(class: Tigase.workgroupqueues.WorkgroupQueuesComponent) {
‘default-muc-domain’ = muc.server.com

The only configuration needed is to specify the multi-user chat domain on the server that will host the workgroup queue. In this example we set it to muc.server.com.
So how can a workgroup queue be used? The basic idea is like a line at a vehicle registration office. Users will sign in, obtain a number and wait in the queue. This number may be represented by the tag which is sent between the user and the server. The chat room serves as the service window, where the employee of the office service users, known as workgroup agents. Since chat rooms use aliases and do not reveal user JIDs the user does not see the actual identity of the employee. When a users’ turn arrives, they will be invited to the chat room, much like approaching the window when a number is called. Of course the user may reject the invitation, no longer needing aid, or it took too long to respond. Once the user accepts the invitation they join the room. The conversation is carried out entirely within the single chat room. Workgroup agents, or employees, will then receive an invitation to begin a chat with the user, often with the user jid in the notification. The conversation then takes place within a chat room which may be static or dynamically generated. When both parties have concluded business the chat room will reset and the whole process begins again. Of course muc conversations may be archived for future storage.
Workgroup queues are an easy way to automate a customer support system running on Tigase XMPP servers. They may be able to be used as a communication matchmaker, pairing off clients and servers when short bits of information need to be compartmentalized and automated. It is also possible to use workgroup queues to control and automate data collection from sources that must deliver data in a specific fashion.

How can Tigase XMPP Server v7.2.0 with built in Workgroup queues serve your real-time communication needs? Contact us and find out today!

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