XEP-0084 Support Added

Functionality supporting user avatars has been added to Tigase Server. Now users can customize, retrieve, and share small user avatar pictures to help represent or personalize their accounts. These small icons can be shared using PubSub component, and once retrieved are stored locally on a client’s computer. Different resources can specify specific avatars as well to help differentiate each of them with at a glance. Alternatively, users can host avatars on a remote server, and use a pointer to direct to where the image is hosted using HTTP. Support for user avatars should be enabled by default for all versions of Tigase XMPP Server from version 7.0.0. However, to ensure that it is, check your init.properties file, you should find the following in your –sm-plugins line:


The Personal Everything Protocol plugin will enable support for XEP-0084 as an extension of XEP-0163. Most XMPP Clients will also support XEP-0084 by default, so sharing of these icons should be readily available. This XEP is also supported in the JaXMPP Client Library. Note that this is a basic implementation of user avatars and is separate from vCardTemp or vCard4 personal information systems. For more information on XEP-0084, visit this link.


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