Web-based Installer

In an effort to make Tiagse XMPP Server more accessible and easier to install, we have created a web-based installer method. This allows for a simple GUI-based interface for installs on systems that may not be locally available. This method of installation also allows for configuration of the installed server, presenting a streamlined step-by-step interface.
To see this new setup feature, extract any of the dist-max archives into a directory you wish to run Tigase from. From there, start Tigase using the command.


That’s all the setup needed as Tigase will now load a server with default settings and providing a web portal to begin setup. To reach the web-based use a browser and point it towards the /setup directory of the server on the proper port. If it’s a local machine the address would be


If it’s on a remote machine, you can use the machine’s internet protocol address. In this case we’re addressing a local system on our network. You may need to employ a different method.

You will have reached the first page of Setup, from there you can change and configure the server however you like.
Note that this page access will be locked after the first setup and requires administrator credentials to access it again. You can see the rest of the step-by-step process in our documentation available here http://docs.tigase.org/tigase-server/snapshot/Administration_Guide/html/...

This feature has been available since v7.0.0

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