Unified Archive

Want more for your server’s message archive? Tigase’s Unified Archive is an extension of Tigase Message Archive providing additional features to extend and expand the capabilities of XEP-0136 Message Archiving. Here are some of the features offered on this extension.

Standard Message Archive component can save message stanzas, and other tagged types of stanzas as per configuration of the server. Unified Archive can save stanzas, but extends the ability to save more to the archive. Server events and subsequent actions, whether caused by an administrator or internally started, can be logged to a location of your choice. If your server implementation uses Jingle, UA can save call information such as time, length, and contacts for the call. Users’ login and logoff activity can be also saved within Unified Archive, giving you a greater flexibility to oversee user activity.

Of course with all this extra data comes the need to search that database. UA improves the query abilities adding the ability to search for more item-types such as ‘call’ which can find query matches resulting in call information. Custom data types are available to provide better filters for your particular use case.

Don’t see your particular scenario listed? That’s okay! UA can be customized to meet your instant communication storage needs. Tigase’s Unified Archive can become the bespoke XMPP Storage solution you need. Unified Archive is offered under a Commercial License, for more information about obtaining a commercial license for Unified Archive, contact artur.hefczyc@tigase.net .

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