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Tigase now supports commands sent using Representational State Transfer, a stateless client protocol using the HTTP protocol. Using the rest component, users and administrators can send stanzas, adjust settings, and even send messages using the REST protocol without the need for an XMPP client. One way this can prove useful is websites can interface with Tigase server seamlessly provide content or communications without the need for another API layer. Of course this is not the only use for REST. Sites like Netflix have used a customized REST interface to provide its content to users on many different platforms without writing many different clients. Want to try Tigase’s REST component for yourself? Versions 7.1.0 and later require no configuration and will automatically run the REST component. You can see what rest commands are supported by going to your local server’s address and adding rest/ to the URL, like this: http://localhost:8080/rest/
Older versions of Tigase including v7.0.3 and v7.0.2 also come with this feature, however you will need to configure REST component to load. To run rest component on v7.0.3 use the following line in your, and make sure tigase-http-api.jar is in your jars folder.


For v7.0.2 and older:


Alternatively, make sure HTTP API is checked off in the advanced settings in the installer for either version.

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