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There are times when the business of an organization cannot rely on ‘posted business hours’. Most chat programs require a user to sign in to a service to receive messages, and when they’re offline messages will wait until later. But there are times when a message absolutely has to get through – even if the intended receiver may be offline. E-mails can be sent, but it lacks the same immediacy that a notification can provide. How to solve this problem? Enter Push notifications.

Push notifications enable system administrators to delivery notification messages to users of Tigase Messenger for iOS and Android platforms to receive notifications whether or not they are logged in. The notification is delivered within the operating system’s notification system, hard to ignore a system level message. There have been a few implementations of Push notifications seen in native android and iOS applications, but now they can be used over the XMPP protocol with Tigase messenger applications. The power of push notifications can now be yours.

So how does this system work? XEP-0357 shows a general workflow of how push components work. The push service is an extension of the Publish Subscribe component that delivers notifications outside the XMPP framework. Any device wishing to use push notifications must register with the server first, although this can be ‘baked in’ to custom versions of Tigase Messenger. When a server posts a notification to be sent out, it will be published to the PubSub component with a payload indicating that it should be sent using the push component. Meanwhile, a small program is running in the background of the device, ready to receive notifications. When the push component sends notifications to all listed devices, it shows up on the device regardless of the XMPP client’s status.

Push notifications are already available on Tigase Messenger for iOS and Android and are able to receive notifications from our own Tigase installations (once registered, of course). If you or your organization is interested in this and other capabilities of Tigase Messenger for iOS or Android visit the download links below or contact us for more information.

Tigase Messenger for iOS
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