Message Archive Component

Typically when XMPP messages are sent, they are lost once they are delivered. This fleeting style of communication may be of some benefit to particular installations. However, some administrators may want to retain those messages, presence data, or whatever other stanzas that might pass through the server. Tigase supports XEP-0136 Message Archiving VIA the use a component that is now included with Tigase XMPP Server. To enable Messaging Archiving for your server, add the following lines to your file:


Once the server is restarted, Message Archiving (MA) will begin running on your system. By default, MA will save only the body of messages going back and forth in the server. This means IQ stanzas, Presence stanzas, and non-body elements will not be stored. This is done on purpose to prevent the archive from ballooning out of control right away. By default, the MA will store stanzas in the user repository that is already in use. MA not only allows administrators to review data and stanzas sent back and forth, but users can use their client to retrieve their own conversations with other users on the server.

Message Archiving can be configured in a variety of ways. It can stay like it is in default, or you can store entire stanzas of different types, or other non-body elements in the repositories. You can specify limits on how much is stored, or long they can be stored for. You can even designate an alternate database for storage of the message archive.
For more configuration options and settings, visit our online documentation at this link.

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