Online Meetings & Conferencing

If you have a distributed workforce, it can be very difficult to organize a physical meeting between workers. A physical meeting can be an expensive and time consuming affair if your employees are spread out. Luckily, there are a number of online meeting services available that can provide an online meeting space.

Many of these services are backed by XMPP technology, handling secure logins, text chat, shared white board, videoconferencing, and even historical information. However in all those services, your conversations, history, stored videos and other associated information is kept on a remote server. Although this may work for most applications, topics that cover trade secrets, patient information, or top secret data may still require further security. Or you may simply wish to keep all communications ‘in house’.

Tigase can provide the backbone for these technologies, located on your own, secure server. No need to worry about who is encrypting your data streams, or where interactions are going. You, as the system owner, are in total control over access, encryption protocols, and any other security measures you wish. Recordings, message archives, and other historical data can also be kept locally under the same security systems. This means that any securely logged in employee can later reference notes, drawings, or the entire meeting whenever needed without resorting to an outside system.

With Tigase XMPP server, your online meetings and interactions can be kept in house, and behind all the security your industry requires.

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