There is no special meaning behind the wordTigase. At least we thought there was no special meaning at the time when we started to use it as a name of the project and our company. Later we found out that there is a place in Estonia named Tigase and it is also a woman's name in certain countries of the world.

We pronounce it: /ti:gæse/

We receive lots of questions like:

  • How many users Tigase can handle on a single server?
  • What kind of hardware do I need to support 1 million online users?
  • What configuration is needed to handle my load?

Usually it is impossible to give accurate and reliable answer without knowing all the details. From our experience each and every single XMPP installation is very different from others. One has majority of desktop users, another mobile devices, one is exposed to a public another is within private corporate network, one has very small or none contact list, another has a very large contact list, on one users login very often for a few minutes several times a day on another they stay connected for days or weeks, on one users only set online and offline presence status on another they change it very frequently, hundreds times a day.
This all details affect the traffic shape and load on the system. One configuration might be perfect in some use-cases but may fail to handle supposedly smaller number of users. We do publish some load tests reports which gives you an idea of what to expect. But this is just a guideline and a very general idea of what to expect.

Yes, the Tigase XMPP Server supports symmetric clustering which means each cluster node is a complete XMPP server with all functionality. The Tigase cluster has no single point of failure and offers both HA and load distribution.

We have a separate website with all Tigase projects. It runs on an excellent project tracking system Redmine. For each project there is a tab with links to the code repository, each project has a separate forums where you can ask questions, issue tracking system where you can submit your bug reports, feature requests.
And no, we do not have a mailing list.

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