Latest stable (8.0.0)

Stable and well tested version of Tigase XMPP Server

Download Install guide Source code

Previous stable releases

Previous stable releases can be found in here

Current development

Latest verstion of Tigase XMPP Server which is still under development but contains newest features.

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Tigase Messager for Android

Lightweight and easy-to-use XMPP client for Android

Download Source code

Tigase Messager for iOS

Lightweight and easy-to-use XMPP client for iOS

Download Source code

Beagle IM by Tigase

Lightweight and powerful XMPP client for macOS

Download Source code


JaXMPP Client library

Powerful XMPP client library written in Java with support for GWT

Source code


XMPP client library written in Swift for iOS and macOS

Source code

PGP keys and binaries certificates

Since May of 2016 binaries release by Tigase are signed. We are signing nightlies with a self-signed certificate and final releases will be signed with a certificate obtained from reputable CA
  • Final releases: certificate
    SHA256 Fingerprint=F0:62:15:79:8D:E7:B4:A8:8F:9B:4B:BA:EC:90:9F:E1:E8:F9:A2:32:34:F0:5E:6D:70:18:4D:F3:40:4A:87:56
    SHA1 Fingerprint=F8:5E:DC:88:AD:2D:6C:5B:B5:57:02:46:68:B2:9D:7A:F8:36:70:10
  • Nightly releases: certificate
    SHA256 Fingerprint=96:0D:4C:E2:15:F3:15:A7:9B:60:87:34:12:ED:0B:AB:0D:80:DE:F2:0F:47:BC:22:62:3C:A2:25:FE:C5:E4:4A
    SHA1 Fingerprint=B0:D7:BA:C9:02:D9:25:0B:90:FF:0E:C7:EB:A8:4E:64:F9:FB:59:8B
Following is a list of public PGP keys of Tigase team members, which are used to sign all commits since May of 2016
  • Andrzej Wójcik - PGP public key
    pub   4096R/0xC59CDE8102CE21D9 2016-02-04 [expires: 2018-02-03]
          Key fingerprint = 5B5A 776B 0516 E4F2 E859  2782 C59C DE81 02CE 21D9
  • Artur Hefczyc - PGP public key
    pub   4096R/0x6F8830CFB3A31A8D 2016-09-02 [expires: 2017-09-02]
          Key fingerprint = B981 A48F 43E8 CA5B DF8F  A105 6F88 30CF B3A3 1A8D
  • Bartosz Malkowski - PGP public key
    pub   8192R/0x0C3137AF49766002 2014-10-17 [expires: 2017-03-31]
          Key fingerprint = 6E89 93D9 360E 2227 5D66  4E08 0C31 37AF 4976 6002
  • Daniel Wisnewski - PGP public key
    pub   4096R/0x8FC596E12296F173 2016-07-07 [expires: 2018-07-07]
          Key fingerprint = 0B9D AFCB 0770 AAC3 B3F4  15E4 8FC5 96E1 2296 F173
  • Wojciech Kapcia - PGP public key
    pub   4096R/0x5E1A61916FB39F46 2016-04-01 [expires: 2018-04-01]
          Key fingerprint = DF45 3223 2A82 A377 B49C  1DEE 5E1A 6191 6FB3 9F46

Depreciated versions of Tigase such as v7.1.x and older may be found here.

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