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Tigase Workgroup Queues Component is a commercial license component that enables the Workgroup Queues XEP-0142 on Tigase XMPP Server systems.  Does your real-time communication server need to provide an ordered first-come, first-served queing system?  Do you want to implement a quick customer support system without a lot of work?  Then this component can help you!

  • Quick Setup - a few configuration options and you're ready to go.
  • Automated queues  - first-come, first-served setup is automatic and ready for users.
  • Low overhead - queues do not impact archiving and storage.
  • Instant individual rooms - chatrooms are generated and are not persistent.
  • Invite on activation - users or bots can be configured to be invited to a room, once a user has reached the top of the queue.

With this, an automated chat support system can be setup on your website within minutes!  Larger systems can be setup very quickly to handle thousands of users in a queue on a single XMPP server.

NOTE: Requires Tigase XMPP v8.0 or later

For details about how you can add workgroup queues to your Tigase XMPP Server installation, contact us at this link.

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