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Our web client, is probably the most complete web client available on the internet. And we are not talking about just free and open source projects. We have not seen an XMPP web client with support for an entire XMPP specs and as many extensions. It supports not only all latest XMPP specifications RFC 6120 - XMPP CORE and RFC 6121 - XMPP IM and a bunch of other extensions.
Our mobile Web client works cross-platform on all web browsers, supports web sockets, cross domain extensions and is a fully functional XMPP client. But it does not stop there. We implemented our own dedicated extensions to improve the experience for web users such as: fast re-connections on page reload with the restoration of all chat windows, support for admin ad-hoc commands so they can be used to administer an XMPP server, and much more...

  • Full XMPP specification support for last RFCs and most extensions.
  • Web optimizations for fast reconnects and chat state restorations.
  • Message archive support for access to your old chat history form the server.
  • Good MUC support so you can be in a group chat when you have access to a web browser.
  • PubSub support for publishing to your PubSub nodes directly from a web browser.

The client and underlying library with all source codes is available for free under the AGPLv3 - GNU Affero General Public License license and optionally we offer a commercial license if required.
What we most like about our client is that it really works even under unreliable mobile network conditions. It simply reconnects as soon as is possible. We use it all the time.

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