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Tigase XMPP Server is our flagship server side software providing XMPP services or Instance Communication (IC) services. The most basic explanation is that Tigase is a chat server, but it is much more than just that. Chat is one of its possible applications but any kind of instant communication service, be it people or machines, can be conducted through the Tigase XMPP Server.

There are quite a few XMPP servers available at the moment like open source:, OpenfireJabberd2Prosody or proprietary: IsodeJabber XCPejabberd. These are all great examples of XMPP software and we highly encourage you to check them all out before you make your decision. A more complete list is available on the xmpp.org website.

Tigase XMPP Server, however, is unique in many ways. As with all others, it fully supports the latest specifications: RFC 6120 - XMPP CORE and RFC 6121 - XMPP IM  along with a host of extensions. But Tigase goes beyond that.  Along with a dedicated and experienced support staff that is constantly improving the software, Tigase comes “out of the box” with the following features:

  • Highly optimized. The main binary file is less than 1MB without debugging data. Yes, our devs grew up on assembler and learned to optimize code down to the last bit. Tigase can successfully run with as little as 10MB of memory.
  • Extremely modular. There is no single line of code which is fixed. Every element, component, plugin, and feature can be replaced through a configuration with an exceptionally rich API.
  • Very flexible. Easy to adjust and customize to perfectly integrate with your system.  Tigase can be tailor-fit to your needs or environment.
  • Supports clustering out of the box. No need to look for and install additional software or extra libraries. Just 2 extra lines in the configuration file and you are now ready to cluster.
  • Designed to run. On everything from very small machines, to standard servers and really big, serious hardware. From Raspberry Pi to Amazon EC2 clouds, Tigase fits right at home.
  • Tested and ready. We have proprietary dedicated tool to run automated tests, configurable to your needs.  We also run manual compatibility tests and load tests, with all test results being publicly available. All the tools we use and configuration details are available to you as well. We believe that not only should this data be public, but you should have the ability to repeat those results for yourself. 
    Yes, we are really crazy about testing.
  • Scripting support build-in. Have an idea for an extension?  Need to expand Tigase to a specific task?  Want to make it modular and independent of the source code?  Tigase supports scripting languages including Groovy, Python, Ruby and Scala so you can extend the software using your favorite needs.  Scripts can even be test and run in a live environment without the need for a restart.
  • Easy to monitor. You can access the server metrics while it is running in many ways via HTTP, SNMP, JMX, XMPP and even through a connected database.  Triggers can even be set so right people are E-mailed when the server faces a hiccup.  You are never far from knowing what is happening.
  • Secure. Tigase not only supports all the security standards in modern use, such as TLS, SASL, SSL and so on. It is designed from the ground-up to be secure to protect users' privacy. The API does not allow for accessing users' data from a code working for another user. There is a strong separation inside the server. This is to protect users from programmer mistakes or laziness. Badly written code just won't work.
  • OSGi ready. Supports hot-swap and system upgrades at run-time, no restart is needed.
  • Open source. If just one mind can create a masterpiece, a community of organized minds can create something truly awe inspiring. Why is open source software better than any proprietary or closed source offer software? That the face of the internet and the way people use it changes very rapidly all the time. All our competitors offer good products which may fulfill requirements today very well. However, tomorrow, you might need something more, new features which will allow you to stand out from your competitors. You may wait until vendors of proprietary products add this new element to their offer, but then there’s no advantage since all of their clients get this too. You may ask the vendor to add this specific feature for you exclusively and they may either say no, or may charge huge money for this.
    Within any open source project, you always have an option to either ask the project's team for some specific feature or you can add the feature yourself so it is not available for any of your competitors. Even if the company or a team behind the open source project disappears, the software is still there and the source code is there for you to use and extend.

The server with all source codes is available for free under the AGPLv3 - GNU Affero General Public License and optionally we offer a commercial license if required.

What we most like about the Tigase XMPP Server that it works no matter what.

One of our customer's installation database died. Nobody noticed this for two weeks because Tigase just continued to work, users could communicate as usual. Only people complaining about login problems drew enough attention to the installation to look at it. The database problem was fixed, Tigase just reconnected and continued to work without restarting or any interruption.

In a different case, Tigase was reported to work just fine despite a hard drive corruption. Database was running on a different machine, the customer was able to delay the repairs for a month, because Tigase continued to work without any problems.

Tigase XMPP Server is developed not just to support all the specifications and all the extensions. Our team strives to make it really good for people who want to use it how they want to use it. Therefore we made it customizable and flexible. Many adjustments are possible through a very simple configuration option. More advanced integrations are possible through a broad API and modularity.

Tigase works great on small installations, but its full potential can be appreciated only on very large systems with very high traffic. Tigase regularly runs instant messaging systems with millions of online users or devices.


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