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Tigase Unified Archive is a commercial grade message archiving extension for Tigase XMPP Server. It takes the already surperb message archive component and adds a number of features not found in the bundled version.

  • Track user login activity - client logins and logouts can be logged.
  • Offline message storage - clients not logged in can get messages when they are logged.
  • Logging of call events in Jingle - call events using Jingle can be logged, start, end, and duration are now stored.
  • Full history retrieval - pull all events for a user for a specific time period.
  • Detailed searches - Support for searching archive for detailed matches for content, time, or user.
  • Quick querying - Quick searches for last archived events for a user.

The result is a more robust set of features with which can enhance your message archive workflow.  If you have clients that you need to track, such as length of communication time, what was discussed, and who was a part of it, this extension can help.  In addition, this commercial component provides offline message capabilities.  Messages sent to offline users are normally dropped since there is no place to deliver them too.  This component allows for storage of messages, files, attachments, so a client never misses a message.  Handy for users that need information to arrive upon login.

For details about how you can add Tigase AuditLog to your Tigase XMPP Server installation, contact us at this link.

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