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Tigase Testsuite (TTS) is a powerful tool to run functional and performance tests over the Tigase XMPP Server. However, it is not limited to Tigase or even to the XMPP protocol for that matter, even though all the existing test scenarios are prepared for our software and environment. All our public releases are first run through the TTS with hundreds of different test cases to ensure all parts of the software work as expected. Here are the results. We actually run TTS over Tigase not just for public releases but every night on the code in current the repository to make sure we commit only working code. here is a link to our nightly tests.
TTS is not just an application which runs predefined set of tests over given software. It is a powerful system with its own language in which you can write various test scenarios. It is very flexible so you can design complex test scenarios. The most interesting features of our testing framework are:

  • Unique scripting language for design of very complex test scenarios with very little code
  • Easily addable simple tests as the scripting language is not always necessary, as in many cases you can just specify what is sent to the server and what is expected in return
  • Generates HTML reports when the test is completed with test cases marked either in green - successful or red - failed.
  • Timings for each test case so you know what was the response time from the server, and can compare from version to version
  • Full protocol dump for each of the test cases in a separate file, if a test fails you can analyze what went wrong
  • All tests are run over network fully executing all parts of the server, so the software is thoroughly tested, from the network layer to all upper level components

What we like most about the suite is that, even though it may be difficult to learn, it gives you a lot of flexibility for creating complex tests to run over our software.

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