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Real-time chat, or even a group chat is a great thing. It makes your community alive, active and engaged. However, there are cases when you do not want your users to just chat. You want your users to be notified, informed, or warned. E-mail would work but e-mail is not real-time. You want your users to receive notifications at the right time and when it makes the most sense.

If XMPP is like an e-mail but all is in a real-time, then PubSub (Publish-Subscribe) is like mailing list but... in real-time. PubSub extension allows you to create channels to which users can subscribe and you can designate publishers who add content to the channel. Either the whole content or just notifications about the new stuff are sent to all subscribers. This role-based system, similar to a group chat but for the PubSub users does not require subscribers to be online since notifications are pushed through regardless. The the notification is simply delivered as soon as the user comes back online.

What is this for?

  • Great content providers can use PubSub to notify groups of interested users about new content. Each channel can represent a special interest such as sport, science, weather, news, etc...
  • For disaster warnings, residents can be grouped based on geographical location. Each channel can represent a zip code and notifications can be delivered to residents in a specific location only.
  • Location based services, people that are traveling may receive warnings, adds, or other special notifications based around the area of their current presence.
  • Business workflows can make use of notification services to send a warning when a document is updated/changed/added, when a workflow reaches specific processing phase....

Do you need a special software to deliver notifications? Special mobile app, installed on users devices?
Not necessarily. It would certainly offer you more control, but even your website can have built-in PubSub client capabilities so you can deliver notifications to users.

Our Tigase PubSub offers you:

  • Close to a real-time notifications delivery for users subscribed to a channel
  • Role-based subscription system so that some users can receive/read content only while others can publish, have channel level administration, or even global administration
  • Custom content and notification metadata to perfectly match your system requirements
  • Flexible delivery system based on user availability to control what, how and when things are delivered. You can specify whether the notification is delivered to just online or to both online and offline users. You may also specify the time the notification is to arrive or when it is expire as well as configure many other options
  • Millions of PubSub channels delivering notifications to subscribers for a big content providers
  • PubSub channels with millions of subscribers for a large group of users, or for big installations

We are specifically proud of the PubSub scalability which allows it to be deployed for a very large scale installations and flexibility which allows to adjust our PubSub for specific customer needs.

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