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A every community requires interaction among people. This can be done in multiple ways: E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, forum boards, or comments on a website. However, those services are missing something very important that is necessary for any real community. In order for a community to be live it is necessary for users to be able to see when their friends are online and to message each other in real time .

But there is something more, something that takes community interaction to a whole different level: group or multi-user chat (MUC). With a group chat you can engage multiple users at once and each one of them can message everyone back instantly. Moreover, participants can come and go without disturbing the flow of the discussion.

Our Tigase MUC component offers you:

  • Real-time group chat which means many people can talk and exchange ideas inside a virtual room.

  • Role-based room membership which allows you to designate room administrators, moderators, give people permission to post messages, or permission to listen/read messages only.

  • Password protected chat room which provides the ability to create group chats that not everyone can access.

  • Invite only chat rooms provide another method to control access to certain chat rooms.

  • Private, invisible chat rooms or public chat rooms can be easily created for your community needs. Any of these can be persistent and last permanently, or can become transient and last only a limited time.

  • Chat history recording within the database allows you to keep an archive of what was said in the room.

  • Millions of concurrent group chat rooms are supported by MUC clustered mode, the load can be effectively distributed over number of servers offering almost unlimited scalability.

  • Very large group chat rooms with thousands of members can and are handled by MUC in clustered mode, distributing a load of a single room onto multiple servers

All the MUC functionality is provided as open source software, and as an included part of Tigase XMPP Server. The clustering mode is our commercial grade extra add-on. We really like its flexibility and the built-in ability to adapt to much larger implementations. A strong API allows for easy adjustment of the component, for custom functionality, and specific administrator requirements.

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