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XMPP technology, while incredibly powerful and efficient is still not wide spread and even kind of alien to many of existing systems. REST API, on the other hand, is very well known, popular and adopted by many systems. Therefore, REST API seems like the perfect way to create a bridge between the XMPP world and the non-XMPP world.

However, we call our implementation HTTP API it does more than just REST API calls. REST API and DNS calls are possible and available services exposed by the component right now but extensible design makes it easy to add more depending on needs.

More over the HTTP API component offers scripting framework which allows to extend it's capabilities at run-time without the need to restart the system.

Current REST API implementation focuses on administration tasks for the Tigase XMPP Server. It translates REST API calls into the XMPP calls and allows to call any administration task defined in the XEP-0133 - Service Administration extension and many more Tigase server specific.

The HTTP API component allows you to:

  • Download Tigase XMPP Server run-time statistics which contain over 1,000 different performance metrics. It gives you easy and instant monitoring and early issues warnings.
  • Administer TIgase XMPP Server through REST API which allows you to easily integrate Tigase with third-party maintenance and management systems
  • Flexible scripting framework allows to add administration tasks at run-time so service restarts are no longer required to extend administration and maintenance functionality
  • Flexible HTTP API framework allows you to easily add more services to host them all on very efficient XMPP engine. Currently, we offer DNS service which is designed to support web applications to query for DNS records and redirect them to a correct location.

We especially like the HTTP API for it's incredible flexibility to add more functions and services and the way it closely integrates with XMPP server.

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