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Beagle IM by Tigase, Inc.

Beagle IM is a lightweight, powerful XMPP client for macOS developed by Tigase, Inc.
Beagle IM provides an easy way to start using the XMPP Protocol (formerly known as Jabber) if you've never used it before.
Veterans of the protocol will find many features here they are familiar with along with various enhancements.
Supported Features

  • Simple to Use Interface - Using XMPP has never been easier than using a familiar and easy to use interface.
  • Multiple Account Control - Control multiple accounts from a single application and sign into all your XMPP accounts at once.
  • Local Archive - Localized chat history allows for quick browsing of chats without the need to login.
  • MUC Supported - Support for joining and creating chatrooms for multi-party collaborations.
  • Automated status management - No need to change status every time you put your phone down.
  • Setup New Users in Seconds - Sign into a new account on your favorite or your own XMPP/jabber server in seconds using in-band registration!
  • Advanced Security Supported - Keep your conversations secret with local storage and data stream encryption using TLS and authentication with SCRAM-SHA1 or SCRAM-SHA256
  • Spam protection - When used in conjunction with Tigase XMPP Servers, you get the added benefit of server side spam filtering and protection.

Welcome to XMPP: Welcome to Beagle IM!
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Want more?
Beagle IM is working proof that XMPP can be used well on desktop devices and it maybe simple to use even though it countains many advanced features of the protocol as well.
Our development and consultant team can help you build your own messenger application using XMPP technology for secure customized internal communication.
Why use a 3rd party technology when you can secure communication on internal servers both on Macs, PCs, Android devices, and Apple iOS devices!
Contact us to explore options with Tigase.

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