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Tigase AuditLog Component is a commercial licensed component that provides pattern event logging in an XMPP system.  Need to know how your system is operating?  Want to configure custom logging events?  This component can store your events in a specific file when any event is triggered for storage.

  • Highly customizable - pattern logging is customizable for events you set.
  • Ease of Use - component can be configured in configuration file or web-based UI.
  • Storage in SQL - log events can be stored in a custom SQL database or individual file for easy retrieval.
  • Granular filers - ability to filter out events from client or server side.
  • Retrieval - able to retrieve data using XMPP, web-based UI, or program that can get JSON objects from log file.

Events like login successes and failures, presence status, pubsub subscriptions, and others can be used to trigger log events if they proceed as expected, or unexpected.  You can use this to monitor the health of a Tigase XMPP installation, see when particular users are creating errors, or even see how many times a user forgets their passwords.  What events are logged are up to you, and stored where you want! 

For details about how you can add Tigase AuditLog to your Tigase XMPP Server installation, contact us at this link.

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