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With thousands of users, and several servers in a cluster, there arises a problem; how do you keep one or more servers from beating the load of all that traffic? There are a couple of solutions available which can allow you to distribute your users among cluster nodes and apportion the load on many servers. Some of them are examples such as DNS round-robin, dedicated router hardware available from CISCO and other vendors, software and hardware firewalls and proxy services.
However, all of them assign users to machines in a somewhat random order. The distribution might be even but is far from optimal and they all have severe limitations. With Tigase Advanced Load Balancer (ALB) you have a dynamic server assignment with these features not seen in other software or hardware solutions:

  • Run installations for 100 million or more online users

  • Build geographically distributed XMPP clusters

  • Run installations with users who have very large contact lists, thousands contacts on average

This is all possible with Tigase ALB because of the way it assigns users to particular cluster nodes or groups on nodes. It analyses social networks for all user accounts and puts users on a specific machine to minimize network traffic. It uses extremely advanced techniques based on artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to do all the work.
Although the programming and algorithms are rather complex, the result is a seamless load balancing system without the need for external software or components. This is what we like the most about this solution, it is not intrusive. It works in the background constantly optimizing user data and communication and gradually improves overall system performance. It can be switched on and off at any time without affecting the XMPP installation, or requiring a restart. It can even work alongside with DNS round-robin or other load balancing solutions you may already have in place. Once properly installed and configured, Tigase ALB blends in to the system and becomes invisible. You can only see its effect when you compare system performance on a day-to-day basis. What's better is that Tigase ALB comes included with the setup and dist-max packages of the server, no extra software to download and install.

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