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Tigase ACS is a commercial grade clustering implementation for the Tigase XMPP Server. The strategy is dedicated to general purpose XMPP installations with average contact lists of 10 or more elements and many online users.  It addresses the main problem with large scale XMPP systems working in a cluster mode:

  • Solves problems with excessive network traffic inside the installation
  • Allows to scale to millions of online users or devices for the installation
  • Allows to distribute load over multiple machines for one installation
  • Gives you a high availability system with backup servers to prevent any outages in your service
  • Allows to host large group chat services regardless of whether you have a system with thousands of small chats or if your hosting just several chats with thousands of people talking, Tigase allows you to create a system to do just that.
  • Large push notification systems delivering millions of notifications and messages to millions of users.

As a result you get a software which:

  • Reduces network traffic between cluster nodes at least 10 times
  • Reduces CPU usage at least 5 times
  • Gives you very reliable service under a high load
  • Supports large numbers of connections. It is designed to handle 5 million or more online users. Though we tested it with 1.5 million, there are production systems running as many as 3 million online users at peak time.
  • Allows you to build installations on many machines. It is designed to efficiently work on up to 50 servers. We tested it on 10 cluster nodes but there are productions systems running on 40 machines.
  • Is extremely easy to deploy. It requires just one more library in your Tigase installation and one more line in your configuration file. It neither requires a database, nor any changes to your current one.
  • Is transparent to your custom code and extensions on the Tigase server. If you use our public API for plugin and components development you can easily switch back and forth between the default and ACS clustering strategy at any time.

 We really like the fact that all the complexity is hidden from the user. It is so simple to use and maintain but at the same time very effective. 

There is no other solution for the Tigase server like this one. We have put in all of our experience and dedication with lots of hours of hard work and testing under a very high load. Even though our API allows you to implement your own custom clustering strategy, we believe it is much more cost effective to use our product. We make sure it is up to date with all changes and it is compatible with each new Tigase XMPP Server version.

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