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Here is a short guide for using our Tigase.IM XMPP webpage. You can sign up, add your own domain, manage your users, and much more!

Go to in your web browser and click register. Here I am going to use the domain because I already have a account.


Once registered, go ahead and Authenticate.

To register your own domain you need to be able to modify the DNS for said domain. This is the hardest part and it's not very hard at all.

We need to set an A record, and a SRV record for the domain we are setting up. We use DNS redirection to point these domains at Use as the target if possible. Otherwise use the domain you are registered with, in this case it would be I am setting up Here are the relevant entries from the ZONE file:

_xmpp-server._tcp.jabber	IN	SRV	5	5	5269
jabber	IN	CNAME

Once that is setup you can create the domain on Login to your account, click on Discovery, highlight VHost Manager, and click Execute command.

A dropdown box appears and we select Add new item.

Here I've entered the domain name, set max users to 5, and added an adminstrator account to eric.

If all goes well (DNS records have been added properly), You will be greeted with Operation successful.

You can check DNS entries from within the VHost Manager as well.

Once the domain has been added you can register new accounts with the new domain.


You can manage users from the Session Manager.

Session Manager Get User Statistics.

Session Manager Add user.


Change passwords. Ah a Subscription request!

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