Social networking

Social networking seems like an obvious application for an IM system. However, adding a web chat feature, even though, very valuable, is not all that can be done to improve social interactions on your service. XMPP stands for "Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol" and this "presence" is very significant here. Especially for social networking services. It allows you to see who is online, offline, busy, away but it also allows you to share in an automated way extra information about a user such as "mood", "listening to...", "location" and actually anything.

Tigase is integrated to a great number of social networking websites, mostly adding chat and presence capabilities but also carrying payments, allowing users to share photos, documents.

Also rarely used, I think under-appreciated but highly valuable addition is a group chat, so you can engage your service users in group chats such as interest channels, discussions on specific topic or articles. More like real-time online comments to the website content.

And last but not least, microblogging services are great examples of XMPP application. Twitter does not use XMPP as underlying technology but there are already deployments and even ready to use tools which use XMPP underneath and Tigase in particular. A great example is buddycloud.

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