Real-time medical data collection

Of all the places an XMPP server may be employed, the most demanding has to be inside medical devices. Hardly any industry requires stability, accuracy, and speed quite like the medical field. A patient may be monitored by a number of devices; one for blood pressure and pulse, another for EKG, one more for blood oxygen levels, even some for real-time blood testing. The list can go on and on as there countless ways a person can be evaluated. These devices alone however, may just indicate a number on a panel; a wall of data each number with different nominal values and tolerances. Individually, it is difficult to discern the health of the patient from one, maybe a collection of instantaneous data. Not only this, but these machines may not be able to talk to one another, requiring a person to trigger events, adjustments, or even medicine delivery. Although these procedures may only take seconds to perform, seconds count.

Here is where Tigase XMPP server comes in. XMPP can not only work as a communication platform for humans, its excellent design also allows for machines to talk to one another. Tigase, running as a service collecting data from multiple machines can now forward that information to a data center. All that information can now be displayed in a central location for easy consumption. Not only that, but both users and computers can observe trends and track changes in patients in real-time. This can result in the detection and perhaps prevention of crisis conditions in patients. This can be done by automatically administering remedies in times of need, or alerting staff of a crisis in development rather than waiting for it to happen.

Tigase XMPP server fits right at home in this environment. Tigase can stream a huge amount of diagnosing data, effectively handling thousands of devices which can easily cover floors of patients. With its fine tuning for reliability and security, Tigase can be counted on to protect the patient’s data while providing dependable uptimes. What’s more, Tigase is easily scalable to accommodate everything from a small clinic to a university campus hospital.

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