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JaXMPP stands for a Java XMPP. But it is not just a Java library. We carefully designed and implemented the library so that it is compatible with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) to make it usable for developing web clients. It is also compatible with Android Java so that it can be used for developing Android mobile applications with XMPP support and of course the classic Java programs. And this is not just marketing meant to promote our code. We have implemented fully functional features rich XMPP clients for Android devices and a few web clients based on the library. Check out our other projects. All the code is open source and available to you for free.

List of supported specifications, extensions is quite long. So instead of copying it here, have a look at the link: JaXMPP Library list of features. It might not be up to date as we constantly add more stuff, so if something you require is missing, just ask us because it may already be supported.

What we like about the library is that it is very well designed and implemented. You can create a simple command line client within seconds. And we use this often to create simple, command line testers for specific tests.

Check JaXMPP GitHub page for details about compilation and dependencies information

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