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An instant messaging (IM) system means there are people who exchange messages and who interact in real-time. Interaction with people often means you have a list of close friends with whom you interact more frequently and you are interested in their online status. However, text chat, or even voice and video calls are not the only way to interact with your friends or coworkers. You often want to exchange more than your thoughts or arguments in a text format. When you are out to discover the world with your mobile device with a camera, you take photos. You can share a moment by sending a photo in email, however, you never know whether people who receive the photo are online and when they will be able to see it. With XMPP you know who is online and available to chat. You send a photo to a group of your friends and get instant feedback. That's a real interaction.

XMPP sharing is not limited to just photos, however. Any document or file can be shared in the same manner. The key is, that you know who is online and you can get instant feedback. No need to send an email and then call the person - Hey, I have just send you a document, could you check it out?.

With XMPP, any document or file can be broken down and sent as the context of a message stanza and sent directly to another user. This is a very commonplace feature of XMPP servers, so much so that there is a namespaced protocol dedicated to this very function. The benefits of using XMPP for file transfer are numerous:
High filesize limitation: Most instant message services require messages to go through a central server, and place low limits on the ability to send files. With Tigase, those limitations can be set very high, even unlimited to send files.

  • Secure Transfer: All file transfers are done behind any security measures set by the server instance. File transfers also can take place behind firewalls without any additional changes to settings or helper programs.
  • Targeted sending: Have a user online from two locations? You can specify which resource you want to send the file too so the receiver does not have to move from laptop to desk computer to get the file. You can send files to people where they are.
  • One time stream: Worried about storage space on your server hard drive? Worry not, the message will be saved in any archiving, but the file is never stored on the server. So you can transfer a 1GB file through a server with far less space available!
  • Single line configuration: Want to enable/disable file sharing on your server? A single configuration line can turn this feature on or off and can be done in real-time without a server restart.

The file transfer utility is useful all on its own, but combined with the flexibility and power of XMPP as an instant communication system, make it an even more desirable 'one-stop' for instant communication systems. File transfer and document sharing comes built-in to Tigase without the need for extra software, add-ons, or 3rd party programs. See for yourself how Tigase and XMPP file transfer can fit your needs.

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