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September 12 2016 0 comments
A small bugfix has been published with the following fixes & changes included below.
August 30 2016 0 comments

It’s not uncommon to find a company deciding to forego the traditional office environment and instead choose to hire a distributed workforce. This provides a number of benefits; being able to hire from a much larger talent pool, being able to function 24/7 rather than a set time schedule, or being able to reduce overhead costs among others. However, one of the major challenges this can bring is how to connect everybody together in real-time on one centralized network.

August 10 2016 0 comments
Announcing a maintenance release of Tigase JaXMPP Client Library v3.1.3!
August 2 2016 0 comments
The second part of MUC description, going over roles and affiliations.


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