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April 21 2017 0 comments

At heart I’m what people call a power user. When I started to use Tigase Messenger for iOS, I was a little reluctant to hand over status to the application, I typically like to have every conceivable feature at my fingertips – even if I don’t use them. But after a few weeks, I’m finding that the simplified interface takes a lot of management work out of running an XMPP account on a mobile device.

March 13 2017 0 comments

Previously, our main project, tigase-server has used a couple of maven modules (separate for the server sources, documentation and one responsible for building distribution packages). Unfortunately for equally as long, the file structure did not follow the standard maven structure. This has been changed today! On subsequent instances of $git pull you can expect changes in the folder structure and files location from:
Tigase Server
|- Master
|- Documentation
\- Distribution

Tigase Server Master
|- Tigase server

March 7 2017 0 comments

The XMPP Standards foundation had its 21st Summit this past month in Brussels, Belgium just prior to a strong showing at FOSDEM in the same city. With a good showing of members, the meeting’s discussion was certainly lively and members made a clear statement that the XSF, and XMPP as a whole is poised to make some changes. Some real change is needed if XMPP is to grow and continue to be relevant in the IT world.

February 20 2017 0 comments

For quite some time we were using the basic mean to provide access to our Maven artifacts - simply serving them as a directory view. Recently we made some changes in that area to help with the maintenance and also provide a single access point to our repositories.

This resulted in deploying Apache Archiva under new URL: http://maven-repo.tigase.org/, from where you can access both final and snapshot repositories.


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