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June 12 2018 0 comments

Recently, we began utilizing our DualIP variant of our Load Balancing solution (based on see-other-host XMPP semantics) on our servers hosted on AWS and have found out that our load balancing implementation behaves very well with Amazon's ELB environment. The two services complement each other well to provide an extremely reliable and high tolerance XMPP platform.

June 4 2018 0 comments

Greetings users of Tigase!

April 26 2018 0 comments

How AWS helped us optimize memory usage in Tigase HTTP API

Moving to AWS

March 16 2018 0 comments

We’re hard at work on developing and bringing the world of IoT to your raspberry pi, and we’re excited to show off some of the work we’ve been doing. Today we released a video showing compatibility with an LED matrix screen. While this alone is a cool use of the technology, essentially being able to draw on the matrix to show patterns, there’s something else unseen that is being shown off in the video: Speed.


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