Tigase XMPP Server v7.1.2 Released!

Tigase XMPP Server v7.1.2 has been released! Please review the change notes below to see what has changed since our last release.

Tigase v7.1.2 has been released! This is a maintenance release for Tigase v7.1.1 with a few fixes and updates.
For changenotes for v7.1.0, visit this link for detailed changenotes.

Tigase v7.1.2 Changenotes

Input Buffer algorithm changed
The algorithm charged with resizing the input buffer size has been reworked. The new algorithm now takes less steps to shrink the input buffer to an appropriate size. This has improved memory usage under operation, and leaves Tigase XMPP Server with a smaller footprint when idle.

TLS Buffer size reduced
As the input buffer has gotten smaller, so has the TLS buffer. We are now able to utilized 2k per connection instead of an allocated 16k (and 2k thereafter). This significantly reduces the amount of memory needed to run Tigase, and will benefit both high and low activity servers.


  • #5750 Statistics retrieved over XMPP now adhere to level rules.
  • #5864 Fixed NPE on pre-bind Bosh session script.
  • #6000 Fixed issue with dynamic rosters not being recognised while broadcasting presence.

You can download the latest stable version from repository files.

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