Tigase XMPP Server v7.1.1 Released!

Tigase XMPP Server v7.1.1

has been released! Please review the change notes below to see what has changed since our last release.

This is a maintenance release for Tigase v7.1.0 with a number of fixes and updates. Although this guide will forego changenotes for v7.1.0, we are including major changes and new features list from that version since there are some customers who will be upgrading from older versions directly to v7.1.1. Visit this link for detailed changenotes for v7.1.0.


AMP plugin has had some updates

Offline message retrieval has been slightly changed to use different methods. If you are using the below configuration:
Replace it with these settings to use proper retrieval method.

New Minor Features & Behavior Changes

  • #1968 Implemented a proxy method to synchronize database access on MySQL and prevent desync deadlocks.
  • #5057 Tigase and all dependency binaries are now signed.
  • Reduced SCRAM CallbackHandler log level from `WARNING` to `FINE`.


  • #4878 Improved Tigase tig_users table to be compatible with MySQL v5.7.
  • #4908 MonitorComponent is no longer visable or accessible to non-admin users.
  • #4973 Linited number of items queried when loading expired messages to a user-defined value.
  • #5098 Added StackTrace output to SEVERE errors on SessionManager.
  • #5118 Fixed NPE when sending certain iq stanzas, resulted in loss of in processing.
  • #5338 Fixed NPE retriving presence requests from offline repository.
  • #5418 Fixed potential race condition when identical stanzas are sent during stream negioation.
  • #5604 Mofidied MA and UA to enable retrieval of stored private chatroom messages.
  • #5705 Fixed NPE resulting from failed S2S connection.
  • #5859 Fixed exceptions being thrown when calling methods using reflection in PreparedStatementInvocationHandler.
  • #5885 Fixed handling of Subscription request when subscriber cancles request before approval. Rosters are no longer improperly updated.
  • db-create scripts now include new pubsub schemas.
  • XMPPServer.getConfigurator() has been marked as depreciated.
  • Tigase MUC has been bumped to v2.4.1.
  • Tigase PubSub has been bumped to v3.2.1.
  • Message Archive has been bumped to v1.2.1.
  • Unified Archive has been bumped to v1.0.1.
You can download the latest stable version from repository files.
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