Tigase Client Library v3.2.0 Released!

Tigase JaXMPP v3.2.0 has been released! Please review the change notes below to see what has changed since our last release.

New Features


  • #4317: fixed NPE if receiver of file transfer is not connected or disconnected in SOCKS5.
  • #4318: added checking if destination file is set when file transfer is accepted.
  • #4378: fixed exceptions occuring when a server-initiated disconnection could lead to an invalid connector state, fix issue with invalid connector state when connecting using Websocket Protocol over TCP.
  • #8104: fixing issue with parsing timestamp
  • #8033: added thread safety to ExtensionsChain implementation
  • #2654: improve DNS resolution for local addresses
  • #7793: fixing possible NPE in UnifiedRegistrationForm when value for a fiels is null
  • #7649: improving GWT code for sites hosted on HTTPS enabled servers
  • #7525: added method for retrieving error text from error stanzas
  • #6330: fixes for AdHocCommansAsyncCallback not calling onResponseReceived() if there is no data form in the response and for ElementWrapper which failed to set GwtElement value
  • #6330: added event for notification about PubSub node configuration change
  • #6212, #6232: fixing issue introduced by recent changes in sending authcid and authzid during authentication
  • #6212: improvements to SASL implementations
  • #5749: fix issue with login to jabber.org, says incorrect password, even though password is correct
  • #1590: add support for subscription pre-approval in RosterModule and RosterItem
  • #5669: removed firing ErrorEvent by connectors if exception is thrown in start() method within the same thread
  • #5624: fixed possible lock if Jaxmpp::login() method throws an exception and login(true) was called
  • #5582: fixing race condition during Jaxmpp login leading to a thread being permanently locked
  • #5584: MAM module not being called for incoming messages
  • #5588: fixed issue with messages without from causing NPE in MessegeModule
  • #5527: added support for connection using plain SSL instead of STARTTLS
  • #5529: fixed handling of see-other-host in ConnectionManager for GWT
  • #5318: added implementation for GwtElement::removeChild() method
  • #5421: fixed issue with handling PONG WebSocket frames with payload
  • #4961: fix JaXMPP problems on Android
  • #4733: fixed issue with comparision of elements with XMLNS
  • #4732: minor fix in MessageArchiveManagementModule
  • #4460: fixed issue with retrieving PubSub node configuration
  • #4728: fix minor issue with element equals() method
  • #4348: fixed issues with Jaxmpp state and reconnecting
  • #4348: changed DEFAULT_SOCKET_TIMEOUT to 0 as value bigger than zero causes issues for long connections without any activity
  • #4460: improved usage of events with callbacks called after all handlers processed event
  • #4266: fixing issue with reconnection after disconnection by client
  • #4505: fix handling of badly encoded channel binding data
  • #4398: remove used JDK8 specific features which are not supported by GWT
  • #4291: ContactChangedPresenceEvent has show "online" for unavailable presence
  • #4266: fixed issue with blocking disconnection
  • #4124: fixed issue with support for see-other-host with WebSocket in GWT version

Please visit our downloads page to obtain the new version!

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