Cisco and Broadsoft use Tigase software in their products

We have just been informed by Cisco that through their acquisition of Broadsoft they use Tigase XMPP Server in their products under AGPLv3 license.

Actually, Broadsoft has been using Tigase XMPP Servers in their products for about 6 years already but we did not know about it before, so this is news to us. Very good news. We are always happy to see Tigase software used by companies and people around the world, especially to see Tigase help people communicate on all continents.

Broadsoft’s use of Tigase as part of their products is yet another example where Tigase software is integrated into Voice over IP and Internet Telephony systems. Maybe not very surprisingly most of the companies call their products “Unified Communication” or something similar. Indeed, Tigase is often used as a hub connecting users on different IM networks and different communication channels. Sometimes, this is not even for messaging at all but “just” to provide real-time presence information to VoIP systems.

At the moment Tigase XMPP Server is run by Cisco / Broadsoft on about 500 servers and provides services to 3.3 million users. There are plans to further expand usage within next 5 years for another 50 servers and grow to over 5 million users.

This is certainly not the biggest Tigase installation as there are systems handling over 10 million users or IoT devices. Besides, Cisco / Broadsoft is not running Tigase on a single installation, instead the software is deployed on a number of separate systems. Overall Tigase runs on over 5,000 servers deployed worldwide serving over 150 million users.

Cisco uses Tigase under AGPLv3 license and promises to make the source codes publicly available to anyone who wants them. However, as they use Tigase XMPP Server version 5.1.0 which is now over 6 years old, we are not sure what would be a real value of such an old Tigase code modifications. But certainly this is something worth looking at for a possibility to port to the latest version and if it is generic enough, we could even include Cisco / Broadsoft modifications and extensions in the Tigase packages.

If you know of any other interesting use cases or deployments based on Tigase then please let us know. We would be happy to write about them.

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