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August 20 2019 0 comments

New versions of XMPP clients for Apple's mobile and desktop platforms have been released.

Keep reading for the list of changes.

June 7 2019 0 comments

New versions of our client applications targeted for Apple ecosystem just got released. The biggest feature included in both BeagleIM (for macOS) and SiskinIM (for iOS) is support for OMEMO end-to-end encryption protocol.


In addition to OMEMO, Beagle IM features support for Service Discovery and XML console (available in Window menu clicked while holding alt key pressed)

May 29 2019 0 comments

We are making it easier to get in touch, get support and track our projects.

March 5 2019 0 comments

After a long development period and single Release Candidate version Tigase team is proud to present you new major, General Availability release of Tigase XMPP Server packed with many new features and improvements.


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