September 04, 2020

BeagleIM 4.0 and SiskinIM 6.0 released


New versions of XMPP clients for Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms have been released. The biggest change is introduction of XMPP MIX - the modern way of chatting in groups (if you are looking for a server where you can use this new feature be sure to check our installation). It also significantly improves on audio/video calls.

Common changes

New XEPs:

Major changes

  • Redesigned channel joining UI
  • Optimized resource usage during the establishment of VoIP calls and improved quality of VoIP calls
  • Improved Markdown support
  • Improved message synchronization speed, reliability and add support for MAM version 2 (XEP-0313: Message Archive Management)
  • Started using MAM for MUC history synchronization on rejoin (if possible)
  • Improved support for CAPS (feature discovery)
  • New chats list view with a single section for 1-1 chats and group chats
  • Added a way to join hidden MUC rooms


  • Fixed issue with avatars in group chats not being properly displayed.
  • Added workaround for possible issue with message archive synchronization if server does not send <complete/> attribute
  • Fixed issue with channel info refresh

BeagleIM 4.0

UI adjustments:

  • MIX / group chat creation streamlined


  • Better VoIP connectivity


  • Message Correction, Retraction and quick replies


Major changes

  • Adjusted font size in chat history (message text is slightly bigger)
  • Improved support for XMPP URI (requires beagle-im-set-as-default helper app)
  • Improved behaviour of service discovery window (indentation of items, scrolling)
  • Improved handling of responses for <iq/> requests which should fix some OMEMO key publication issues.
  • Improved message text selection
  • Remembers size of chats/roster windows
  • Improved auto-completion of nicknames.
  • Stopped downloading link previews if message with that link was received from someone outside of roster.


  • Fixed issue with respecting global settings for Allow subscription and Request subscription
  • Fixed Typo in Authorization menu
  • Fixed issue with not showing notifications for incoming groupchat messages containing keywords
  • Improved scrolling behavior (scrolling to found or first unread message, scrolling on the opening of a chat and concurrency issue)
  • Fixed an issue with a chat message not being resized properly when window size was changed.
  • Fixed issue with text color in chat history
  • Fixed issue with invisible selection in the search dialog
  • Added possible workaround for crashes when preview is for a movie
  • Fixed crash when the server is not sending Content-Length for uploaded files.


  • Fixed issues with compilation on XCode 12
  • Improved layout in chat logs (internal change)

SiskinIM 6.0

  • Improved detection of server features and prompting to enable them in SiskinIM
  • Added request for background fetch on push notification and fixed crashes when push notification is tapped just after it is displayed (#siskinim-205, #siskinim-206)
  • Fixed issue with using wrong speaker during the VoIP call (#siskinim-211)
  • Added warning when access to microphone or camera is not granted during initialization of a video call (#siskinim-213)
  • Improved account removal mechanism (#siskinim-199)
  • Improved look of the QR codes (#siskinim-195)
  • Fixed an issue with not dismissing room creation view after room is created (#siskinim-230)
  • Fixed an issue with encrypting files with AESGCM send to MUC rooms when default encryption is set to OMEMO (#siskinim-237)

    siskin-chat-list siskin-chat


You can download both application from their respective app-stores: Beagle IM from macOS appstore and Siskin IM from iOS appstore and star them on GitHub: Siskin IM on GitHub and Beagle IM on GitHub

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