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Recently we have migrated our (and other related hosts) from a dedicated server to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve decided to do this to take advantage of the enterprise level services that are available such as redundant reliability, automatic scaling, and easy data center migration. These advantages and benefits are now available for any of the over 100 domains and over 100,000 users running on Tigase hosted services. You can now enjoy the same benefits of server stability that services like NASA JPL have!

Tigase hosted services such as,,, and the many XMPP domains that we have been hosted are now installed on a cluster of 3 nodes, each in a separate availability zone. Each cluster is located in a separate isolated area which is designed to keep services active and running in case of some catastrophic event. Since Tigase clusters are designed to disconnect and reconnect nodes as they come available, so for any user they should see virtually 100% uptime. Further, as demand increases or decreases, Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) can provide massive scaling capabilities. This means that no matter how much traffic is handled on our servers, you’ll not see a performance dip.

Tigase does still offer domain hosting for XMPP services. That is a custom named virtual XMPP domain for you to make use of. To do this, you first need to register an account on,, Once you have established an account, while you are logged in to one of those services using an XMPP client, you will need to execute the command ‘Add New Item’ on the Tigase Virtual Host manager. There a large number of options will be made available for you for setting up a new virtual host. By default, your username will be the administrator and we highly recommend the options of anonymous enabled and in-band registration are not used. Once finished, you now have a custom XMPP domain. If you’ve previously done this, your virtual hosts are now backed by AWS hardware.

If you have hosted services with us, you may have noticed a few service hiccups in the last weeks during the migration. AWS logs have helped us identify some issues with large-scale deployments and have improved the Tigase XMPP Server as a whole from it. Stay tuned as our next article will detail what was found, and what changes were made.

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