Successful Story

Typical XMPP installation is pretty straightforward. You take a software (any XMPP implementation: Prosody, EJabberd, Openfire, Jabberd2, ...., ah right, there is also Tigase XMPP Server), take a server (let it be a VM or a dedicated real hardware) then install, configure, sometimes tune and off you go...

The thing is, Tigase is rarely deployed for a typical XMPP service. Usually it is integrated with other systems, heavily customized and optimized for unusual traffic shape. However, this is not something to talk about for too long. We designed Tigase to be very flexible, customizable, efficient, ..... etc. We collect customer's requirements, create a project, costs estimation, development plan and, of course when the deadline comes, everything is ready.

Sometimes however we get exceptional requests, almost always these requests are with yesterday as a deadline. And this "exceptional" is really something different than we do on daily basis. We present here a few stories of such extreme use-case with tight deadlines and how we helped our customer to find an optimal solution.

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