Server side software

Each of our server side project focuses on a specific problem or use-case. It allows you to create products and services which are useful to your users in many ways from a simple one to one chat through large group chat with thousands of people in a room to a complex systems managing millions of connected devices.

However all the projects have a s few things in common, areas which receive special attention from our developers:

  • Reliability we believe this is the most important element of every server side software. Either performance, scalability, tons of features do not matter if the server crashes or fails every now and then. Tigase XMPP Server is known to run on production system for over 2 years without restart, we have reports about Tigase running for 2 weeks without database because DB crashed and it took admins 2 weeks to bring it back. But Tigase kept running and doing it's job as much as possible without the DB. Therefore we put our code through code through hundreds of automated tests every day to make sure we catch problems and bugs as soon as possible.
  • Optimization we believe this is the second important aspect of the software. It's a common believe nowadays that hardware is cheap and there is no need for optimizations as you can always have a better server or more servers. However, we want Tigase software to be cost-effective for our customers. We do not want our customers to pay for 128GB of RAM and 32xCPU when the work can be done with fraction of it. When you run a service for a thousand of users you do not need to have a powerful server, when you want to run a service for millions of users you do not want to spend your entire budget on servers farm.
  • Scalability no system scales in a linear way. However, we put a lot of effort to make sure Tigase servers are as close to it as possible. Therefore if we say something is possible with a single server you know that 10 times more is possible with roughly 10 times more servers. We make sure that when you want to run a service for hundreds of millions of users it is possible.
  • Flexibility nowadays there is little value in pure chat or instant messaging systems. The real value is when the instant messaging and real-time communication system is integrated with something else. Our customers have countless different services and business models. Tigase fits perfectly in each of them because it can be easily customized, adjusted and integrated.

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