May 2013

Encryption and Tigase running on new JDK

During a setup of a test environment on the Tigase XMPP Server runing on JDK7 a client could not connect to the server using TLS/SSL encryption. After investigation I discovered that the JDK7 supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2, a client was using a recent version of the OpenSSL library (version 1.0.1 from Ubuntu 12.04). Knowing that I tried to connect using a command line utility from OpenSSL to connect to a secured port on the Tigase XMPP Server:
openssl s_client -debug -showcerts -connect
- another connection failure. After testing connection using a command line ultility from GnuTLS (which was successful), I knew that there was an issue with the recent version of OpenSSL library. Apparently even that OpenSSL can be convinced to work with proper parameters:
openssl s_client -debug -showcerts -ssl3 -connect

Managing virtual domains using Psi client

This is a simple presentation showing how to manage virtual hosts on the Tigase server from the XMPP client.

Tigase XMPP Server - grade A software

We always strive to provide you with the best possible experience while using Tigase therefore we improved Tigase to be on pair with the latest notion of ubiquitous encryption on the XMPP network. This results in the grade A on XMPP Observatory for services that run Tigase and follow configuration guidelines outlined below.

In principle obtaining grade A for a service running Tigase entails:

  • using a correct version of Tigase - 5.2.0 rc2 or later;
  • having a correct certificate - whole guide devoted to the subject, including  obtaining it and configuring Tigase can be found in Creating and loading the server certificate in pem files;
  • enabling a hardened mode - a special mode which configure a few security aspects of Tigase, including disabling of SSLv3 among other things, details can be found in --hardened-mode.

Above will result in grade A on XMPP Observatory, as you can see for our services:

Tigase Mobile Messenger is opensource now!

We are pleased to announce that Tigase Mobile Messenger is now opensource software!

It is available under the GNU Affero General Public License. Sources are available in our source code repository. Link to repository and all other details are on our project tracking system page.

The Tigase Mobile Messenger supports full XMPP spec and most common extensions, plus offers many unique features:

  • Unlimited number of XMPP accounts
  • Multi User Chat
  • Photo sharing
  • Geolocation which can be shared as part of a presence status
  • Session resumption
  • Acknowledging received messages
  • Secure connection (TLS)
  • Integration with Android Address Book
  • API for third-party applications
  • Dedicated mobile optimizations to reduce battery usage and bandwidth consumption
  • API for adding extensions such as PubSub notifications receiver

Please check it out and do not hesitate to send us your comments. You can try the messenger right away as it it available from Google Play or binaries are also available from the project tracking system in the files section. There is a forums and issues reporting system available as well. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

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