May 2011

Tigase Server Cluster tests

The full cluster mode implementation for Tigase server is almost done. At the moment most of our effort is put to testing and debugging. We are looking for anybody keen to spare a few minutes to help us with real world tests. If you can, please go to website for all the details: register an account, connect with your client, play a while and let us know if you notice anything worth mentioning.

1mln or more online users on the Tigase cluster

I have been working on clustering code improvements in the Tigase server for last a few months to make it more reliable and better scale. In article about XMPP Service sharding - Tigase on Intel ATOMs I have presented some preliminary results on a small scale.

In last weeks I had a great opportunity to run several tests over the Tigase cluster of 10 nodes on much better hardware. The goal was to achieve 1mln online users connected to the cluster generating sensible traffic. More tests have been run to see how the cluster behaves with a different number of connections and under a different load.

Below are charts taken from two tests. One test with top 1mln 128k online users and moderate traffic and the second with peak 1mln 685k online users and very reduced traffic.

All tests were carried out until the number of connections reached its maximum and for some time after that to make sure we receive a stable service when connections start dropping.

The test for 1mln online users run with a moderate traffic, that is a message from each online user every 400 seconds and status change every 2800 seconds.

The other test for 1mln 500k online users ran with no additional traffic except user login, roster retrieval, initial presence broadcast and offline presence broadcast on connection close.

The roster size for all online users was 150 elements of which 20% (30) were online during the test and new connections rate was 100/sec.

If you are interested in more details, please continue reading...

We have just started a new website and XMPP server:

This is a mixture of the Drupal CMS and the Tigase XMPP Server features where we want to provide users with a very close integration between these services.

For now this is just online account management but soon we want to offer much more. Ideas are endless and probably we are unable to make them all real on our own. Therefore, we encourage you to join. Simply use the service and enjoy it. If you are happy to contribute or just trow ideas you are very welcomed too.

Check the website for all the details.

Basic system checks

A while ago, I have written an article about Linux settings for high load systems. This is a description for just very basic settings which are essential to successfully run XMPP service for hundred of thousands online users. Of course, high load and high traffic systems require much more tuning and adjustments. If you use selinux you have to be careful as it can interfere with the service while it is under a high load. Also some firewall settings may case problems as the system may decide it is under a DOS attack and can start blocking incoming connections or throttle the traffic. In any case, there are some basic checks to do every time you deploy XMPP service to make sure it will function properly. I am trying to keep the article mentioned above up to date and add all the settings and parameters I discover while working with different installations. If you have some suggestions for different values or different parameters to add, please let me know. The article, while helpful, seems to be not enough though. migration

The with all services has been migrated onto a new machine. More powerful with spare hard drives and new, updated software. I hope this will provide you with a better service, fast loading pages with documentation and more reliable website. I would like to say a big thank you to Florian from Flosoft for his quick reaction and making a new server available just within a few hours. Hence the service disruption was minimal and I hope it hasn't caused too much inconvenience.

Tigase, MySQL and UTF-8

I have just spent a 'nice' evening trying to resolve character encoding problem on one of Tigase installations. The installation uses MySQL database. It took me a bit time to figure it out and it looks like it requires changes in a few places to make sure a correct encoding is always used.

I have updated the MySQL database initialisation guide and documented all the places and steps needed to have it working properly. Apparently creating tables with UTF-8 encoding is not enough, apparently MySQL 5.1.x and 5.0.x handle this differently. For MySQL 5.1.x you need updated code for all stored procedures.

Please have a look at the link given for more details. At the end of the page there is a section describing UTF-8 settings or MySQL. Most of them are not related to the Tigase server and might be useful for any database installation with data stored in UTF-8 character set.

Tigase Command Line Management Tool announcement

TCLMT is new utility to manage XMPP servers by execution of ad-hoc commands. It's designed to be simple and powerful in use and work in two modes:
  • non interactive
  • interactive
Currently it partially supports ad-hoc commands which are specified in XEP-0133 Service Administration and implemented by Tigase XMPP Server. As for it contains support for:
  • 4.1. Add user
  • 4.2. Delete user

Virtual hosts and users management on Tigase.IM, Jabber.ME and Sure.IM and all other domains


A while ago our public XMPP/IM service has been migrated to a cluster installation on 3 nodes with MySQL database working in master-slave mode. This has been done to improve reliability and make sure performance is good enough for over 150,000 users on this installation.

Sure.IM login pageBut that's not all we have changed. We have made a big move and replaced websites related to this installation with our Web application totally based on XMPP. It works entirely on XMPP, all the data, is accessed through XMPP server and there is no direct access to any database or hard drive, except, of course, run-time files.

You can access the web page at our public addresses:,,, and you can register a new account online too.

The web application is an XMPP client, but also more than that. We are working hard on adding new functions to it and more thorough description will be provided in a separate post.

In the meantime back to the topic of this post. VHosts and users management online.

Tigase projects on Redmine

We have been experimenting with different tools for a project management for last few years. We have tried Trac, Storm, GForge and even a few commercial products and services. None was providing us with enough flexibility and functionality until we came across Redmine. This is truly amazing software and after playing with it for some time we decided to move all our project management tasks over to a website based on Redmine. Please have a look at the new Tigase Projects Website. Do not hesitate to send us feedback and your suggestions. We also decided to provide a free hosting to any developer interested in working on open source project related to the Tigase software. The license does not matter as long as this is a public project with sources available to everybody. Contact us if you are interested.

Control own domain on XMPP service

This is just a short note about a new functionality of the Tigase server I have made available on the Jabber.Me/Tigase.IM installation. I guess very few people look at the website and track recent changes so here it goes. The service allows you to register an XMPP account on one of above websites or request adding own domain to the service. Until now, only service administrators could add/update or remove domains as well as manage user accounts within the domain. I have just updated Tigase server with a new version which gives access to these functions to everybody from his XMPP client. You can register a new domain on your own, you can control and manage the domain and you can also manage users within your domain. For more details, please refer to the Tigase.IM website.


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