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In the beginning Tigase was just an XMPP server our team was working on. We listened to our clients and all the people who used Tigase. Over time we extended our software with variety of different products both server side and client side all related to real-time communication. These improvements and components has led Tigase to become one of the leading XMPP server software suites in use today.

Tigase short history

Tigase, Inc. started as an open source software project in 2004. After a while, the project attracted attention and interest from commercial companies and organizations, eventually turning into Tigase, Inc. a California company with the main office in San Francisco and another office in Poland.

Today Tigase XMPP Server is still an open source project available for free. However, our company offers a number of commercial grade modules and custom components to create a unique product for each of our clients. These allow our customers to build large and custom installation with truly specialized features. Server and server-side components are not all Tigase can offer. Our customers can benefit from our technical support in creating custom solutions on the client side, like web or mobile applications for instant communication.

Who we are

The Tigase team consists exclusively of a dedicated and passionate software developers. Our work is inspired because we love creating software and we love seeing our software being used by many people. Since the project has started, our team has became experts in the field of real-time or close to real-time communication, in particular we collected a lot of experience in large scale systems of millions of online users and traffic exceeding half million XMPP packets per second.

What do we do

On a daily basis we work on the Tigase software family which now consists of the Tigase XMPP Server, components and extensions, web clients and mobile applications. We develop new versions of our existing products, we work on new products to offer even more ways to communicate between people and devices.

We also love to work with people who use our software, we provide our expertise and experience in form of technical consulting services. We help people to use Tigase and integrate it with their own systems, solving problems, and offer custom optimizations. We also help with design and selecting the most optimal solutions for our customers needs.

You can contact us for help if:

  • If you build a large XMPP service for instant communication
  • If you need a reliable and scalable instant messaging and instant communication system
  • If you plan to create a reliable and performance system with industrial devices reporting diagnostic data in close to real-time
  • If you work on instant messaging system for mobile users or devices
  • If you require a large and distributed system
  • If you want to add commercial grade file sharing functions

We are here to serve you

Tigase makes development simple and fast. For thousands of organizations, Tigase provides agility and the freedom to scale. Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, hospitals, governments and organizations of all kinds use Tigase because it is the best real-time communication software for modern applications. Through simplicity, Tigase changes what it means to build. Through openness, Tigase elevates what it means to work with a software company. Through flexibility, Tigase adapts to ever changing conditions and customers systems.

Products and Services

Tigase offers subscriptions, consulting and training.
  • Tigase Subscriptions get you to success faster with lower effort, cost and risk. Through consultative, proactive support we partner with you from design, through development, testing to production. Take advantage of management and monitoring tools, zero-downtime upgrades, disaster recovery, enterprise-grade security, OS tuning and on-demand training.
  • Tigase offers a wide array of consulting options to help customers with any development scenario, from building new applications, to migrating to Tigase, to scaling existing deployments — and everything in between.
  • Tigase training helps developers and administrators learn to build applications on MongoDB and run them confidently in production.

Use Cases

Tigase is a general purpose real-time, instant messaging and instant communication software suitable for most applications and use cases. A few of the more popular Tigase use cases include one to one chat, multi-user chat, push notifications, mobile apps, device management, online status broadcast, Internet of Things and more.


Organizations of all sizes use Tigase. Customers number over 1,000 and include Electronics Art, Cisco, EA, Comcast, Disney, HP, Rackspace, Samsung, Huawei. Among the Fortune 500 and Global 500, top electronics companies, top media and entertainment companies, top retailers, top telcos, top tech companies.
We design all kinds of systems for real-time communication and instant notification from small mission-critical installations to large multi-million user social networks.

We offer hands-on assistance with the system installation, hardware selection and operating system tuning. Tigase experts experience and knowledge can minimize the time required to setup a system and avoid costly mistakes.

We offer extensive testing over the production system to ensure it meets functional requirements and expected production performance. We closely work with our clients to establish goals for testing and to estimate expected load on the production system.

Every installation is different, each has specific requirement and goals, and each integrates with the rest of the system in a specific way. Each also has a distinct traffic shape. We take all of this into account while tuning the system and making optimizations.

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