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Real-time chat, or even a group chat is a great thing. It makes your community alive, active and engaged. However, there are cases when you do not want your users to just chat. You want your users to be informed, notified, warned, make them aware of an even, new content or something. E-mail would work but e-mail is not real-time. You want your users to receive notifications instantly, to notify them at the moment when it makes most sense and make sure they receive the notification at the right time.


XMPP technology, while incredibly powerful and efficient is still not wide spread and even kind of alien to many of existing systems. REST API, on the other hand, is very well known, popular and adopted by many systems. Therefore, REST API seems like a perfect way to create a bridge between XMPP world and non-XMPP world.

Message archiving

Users very often want to have their past chats preserved to search and refer to them at later time. Almost all modern chat clients offer the functionality to store chat history locally. This works well if the user only uses the IM system from a single place and device. However, nowadays almost all people have multiple devices like a desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet and even from web clients. They want to access all their services from all devices, including IM and chat.

Tigase Socks5 Proxy

Instant Messaging and Real-Time Communication systems nowadays are not just about chat, presence, or even voice video calls. People love to share stuff. People share their thoughts, experiences, feelings, photos, videos, documents. While sharing documents is mainly necessary for businesses and collaboration groups, photo and video sharing is something almost everybody do. People take pictures, record vides and want to share them with friends and family instantly. Therefore every modern IM and RTC deployment needs effective file sharing system.


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